Rules and Policies


  • 30 AMP electric ONLY
  • We do not accept packages unless you are a seasonal camper and are checked into our system
  • The campground has trees throughout the facility
    • Do not harm the trees
    • Leave natural areas the way you found them.

Check In: 1 PM

Check Out: 11 AM

  • Quiet Hours: 10 PM-8 AM
    • Please operate radios, televisions, musical instruments, etc. in a responsible manner, as they may be a source of irritation to other visitors in the campground.
    • Fighting, loud or irritating behavior is prohibited.  Please keep noise at a reasonable level.  Be considerate of your fellow visitor.
  • Vehicle speed limit is 5 MPH
  • Minimum deposit of 3 days rent is taken at the time of booking reservation
  • Site prices include 2 adults and 2 pets. Any additional adult or pet over the included 2 is a $5 a day charge each.
  • 2 day minimum on weekends (Fri-Sun)
  • 3 day minimum on holidays
  • 3 night maximum for tent sites


  • Charcoal or propane ONLY
    • Charcoal or propane grills and fire rings allowed
      • Propane fire pits are available to rent at the office
    • Charcoal only permitted during certain times of the year
  • NO wood campfires


  • Visitors and/or guests are allowed as a courtesy, but may not stay overnight without registering at the office and paying a fee.
  • Visitors must park in designated areas.  
  • Campers are responsible for their visitor’s and/or guests and ensure the visitor/guest are familiar with the campground rules and regulations.


  • RV sites are allowed a max of 4 adults (an adult is anyone over the age of 13) with a max of 6 people total per site. 
  • Tent sites are allowed a max of 3 adults, with a max of 5 people total per site.


  • Parents/grandparents/guardians are responsible for the conduct of their children at all times
  • Children must be supervised and accompanied by an adult when at the office, store, playground, restroom, shower facility and laundry
  • Do not let children build forts of any kind, or remove/move tree branches or rocks, etc., on the property, including the campground and trail.


  • All pets must be registered at the office and kept on a leash at all times
  • Pets are restricted from the playground area, restrooms, showers, store, office, laundry room and on the picnic tables
  • Please pick up after your pets and properly dispose of the waste in the receptacles provided
  • Pets must be refrained from disturbing other visitors especially during quiet hours
  • Pets are not to be left unattended in campsite, and must have a person present at all times
  • There is a dog park area for your use

Cancellation Policy

Nightly Reservations:

  • If cancelation occurs 48 hours before the day of your arrival there is a $15 dollar cancellation fee
    • The remaining balance in the reservation will be refunded back to you
    • Example: If reservation starts on the 10th of the month, in order to only incur the $15 cancelation fee you must cancel your reservation by 11:59pm on the 7th. 
  • If cancelation occurs anytime within the 48 hour period then: 
    •  A 1 night deposit will be kept as the cancelation fee and the remaining 2 nights of your deposit will be sent to camp credit to use on a future reservation.
    • Camp credit is good for one year.
    • Any days in additional days will be fully refunded back to the camper
  • Campers leaving earlier than their original departure date will NOT receive a refund, this includes but is not limited to weather conditions, change of plans, or emergencies


Holiday/High Volume Weekend Reservations:

  • Holidays/High Volume Weekends Include:
    • May 11th -13th (NAU Spring Graduation)
    • May 18th – 20th (Overland Expo)
    • May 26th – 29th (Memorial Day)
    • June 30th – July 4th (Independence Day)
    • August 25th –  26th (NAU Fall Move-In)
    • September 1st – 4th (Labor Day)
    • September 14th – 16th (Pickin’ The Pines)
    • September 29th – 30th (Oktoberfest) 
  • If cancelation occurs more than 15 days before the day of your arrival
    • A 1 night deposit is kept as the cancelation fee
  • If cancelation occurs less than 15 days before the day of your arrival
    • Full reservation deposit (3 night deposit) is non-refundable 
  • Campers leaving earlier than their original departure date will NOT receive a refund, this includes but is not limited to weather conditions, change of plans, or emergencies.


Seasonal/Monthly Reservations:

  • $250 cancellation fee
  • $250 early departure fee
  • Campers leaving earlier than their original departure date will NOT receive a refund, this includes but is not limited to weather conditions, change of plans, or emergencies.

Reservation Modifications

  • Early Check-ins:
    • Must request at office
  • Late Check-outs:
    • Must request at office before 10am
  • Moving Sites
    • Moving from your assigned space must be approved by the office
    • The ability to move sites will be determined by the campground
  • Reservation Extensions
    • Please check with the office for reservation extension availability before 10 AM.


Lock Site Policy

When booking a site online you are only guaranteed the site size and type; site numbers are subject to change if necessary. If you wish to only stay in the specific site number you chose, you must pay a $30 “Lock Site” fee.


Motorhome Only Sites

  • Sites A7, A8, 30, 31, 35, 52, 53, 54, 59, 60 will only accommodate motorhome vehicles, reasons may include:
  • These are non pull through sites with hook ups on the left side, making it impossible for anything other than a motorhome to function in them.
  • The sites are too small to accommodate a towing vehicle
  • If you accidentally book one of these sites, please call the number below to speak to one of our representatives